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What professionals say about Charlotte Demarais
at Demarais Counseling, LLC

"I have known Charlotte for over fifteen years.. she  communicates with honesty, compassion, warmth and humor, yet is wise and practical. To me, this is the perfect balance we need in our care providers, someone who will listen em-pathetically, then be straightforward in their counsel. Charlotte, is a therapist I  refer my clients to when they are struggling. Her training and personal experience have given her a perspective that few people  have, especially in the area of Perinatal Mood Disorders. She is a "go to" for me.. when I have questions related to mental health for myself, my family and my clients."

Cheryl Wood, Birth & Postpartum Doula 

Owner of Mother's Strength Doula Services, LLC, Tulsa, OK



"So many words I could use to describe Charlotte.  Authentic and real.  Wise and discerning. Compassionate and kind. A good listener who is totally trustworthy and not afraid to tackle the tough stuff. She understands mental health (and life) issues.

After knowing her for a very short while I felt totally safe and free to share whatever was going on, knowing there would be no judgement.  Now just being around her stirs hope in me.  I wish I had had a counselor like Charlotte when I started dealing with depression decades ago."  

Jill Hall, MBA

Global Horizons Inc

Minneapolis, MN 


"If I were to pick the single most important trait for a counselor, it is the ability to listen.  And that’s exactly what I love about my friend and confidant, Charlotte Demarais. Over many years, I have trusted her with very sensitive, sometimes painful information about myself and/or my family. She has always been discreet and non-judgmental about my disclosures, giving advice only when requested. 


Wow! This is so refreshing in this day of over-sharing! And Charlotte is no “ivory-tower” counselor; she has helped people from all walks of life. My husband Paul and I know her family personally, and we have been eye-witnesses to the fact that she employs the very same successful techniques within her own family that she recommends to her clients. Even though Charlotte’s professional skill set and experience is substantial, she continues to educate herself in the latest techniques to help those she counsels. Her refreshingly down-to-earth attitude, excellent communication skills, and sense of humor allow her to quickly get to the heart of any matter brought before her, with style and grace. Wherever Charlotte goes both personally and professionally, she brings positivity and intelligence, and offers hope and encouragement to those that need it.

To sum it up, all I can say about my dear friend is this: Blessed are those who are fortunate enough to cross her path! 


Rose Karlebach

Author & Public Speaker

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