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© 2019  by Charlotte Demarais

Therapy Services


 Individual therapy  provides a safe, engaging, and process oriented venue to work through many difficult issues related to Postpartum mood disorders, depression, anxiety, mood dis-regulation and trauma.   Interpersonal Psychotherapy integrated with other modalities assist clients in becoming the their congruent self.


Coupling and being in an intimate relationship has its challenges. Charlotte has worked with couples from many different walks of life.  She utilizes best practices and research based methods to assist couples adjusting to change,  improving their ability to relate to each other, and strengthening their relationships.  Gottman Couples On-line Assessment is utilized to analyze couples strengths/struggles and creates a customized treatment plan based on couples current stressors and completed assessment.


Group Therapy

#Restoring Hope Therapy Group: is designed to assist clients who have been diagnosed with Mood Disorders.  Clients experimentally work through their blind spots and increase their ability to live hopeful, strong lives.

#Momrockingfirstyears Therapy Group: is designed to assist mothers who may be struggling with Postpartum Mood Disorders. This is where the struggles of emotions, hormones, adjusting to changes in relationships, attachment to baby(ies), body image, parenting issues, and increasing support are addressed.


Family therapy is an effective means to improve family cohesion.  Many families struggle with stressors associated with communication skills, parenting strategies, family structure changes, family rolls, and adjustment issues. 


Charlotte provides supervision for the Oklahoma LPC license to candidates who are seeking off-site supervision.